Mimi Landau, LCSW & Associates
Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Adults
Mimi Landau, LCSW Psychotherapist
Mimi Landau, LCSW & Associates is a small group practice of experienced therapists working with individuals, families, and couples from early adolescence through the adult lifespan.  We strive to create a warm environment where our clients feel comfortable, deeply understood, connected, and well supported on their paths to growth and change.  Our therapists are diverse, both personally and theoretically, and possess a wide range of well-developed skills.  
Our approach is integrative, collaborative, and relational.  Treatment is individually tailored and begins with a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of each client.  We have a track record of extensive collaboration within the mental health community, and value working in concert with other professionals and family members involved in the lives our clients. We find that an approach that is highly attuned and addresses the broader context of our clients’ needs often allows us to succeed where previous treatment efforts have not.
We are honored to be a trusted referral source for doctors, hospitals, outpatient programs, schools, and university counseling centers.
Therapeutic Specialties 
  • Depression and bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Low self-esteem
  • Grief and loss
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Parenting & parent/child issues
  • Family therapy
  • LGBT concerns
  • Academic issues & learning disorders
  • Young adults, ages 18-30
  • Trauma
  • Separation/divorce/remarriage
  • Career issues
  • Acculturation/immigration/enculturation
  • Self-injury
  • College & graduate students
  • Couples therapy
  • Substance abuse
Located in the heart of downtown Evanston, IL, at 636 Church Street, Suite 710.  Street parking is widely available and the office is accessible via El and Metra at the Davis Street stop.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Mimi Landau at:
Tel: 773-860-8114
E-mail: [email protected]